www.michellescottphoto.com  Hi! My name is Yvonne Berry Johnson and I am a wife, mom and creative entrepreneur. 🙂

I just recently married by BIGGEST Supporter, Promotor and Motivator …

My Husband Chris!    brimcdanielphotography_yvonne+chris-2

View More: http://brimcdanielphotography.pass.us/yvonnechris



I also became a MOM to Chris’ son Caleb who I’ve been helping raise for years now.


 I’m so thankful for my life, my family and my business!



IMG_2592              IMG_4808

After moving into our new home, we had to find a way to furnish it without breaking the bank! I decided to turn to garage sales and second-hand stores and was determined to learn how to make the pieces of our home beautiful and unique no matter what. That passion for making our house a home developed into a true love for reclaimed furniture. No two pieces are alike. I loved that!

Today, not only do I spend my time taking unique pieces that have lost their beauty over the years and help to reclaim their beauty for years to come, but Chris has taken over our “shop” as well with his custom furniture!  We pride ourselves on being a family owned and ran business that offers uniquely beautiful refinished AND custom built furniture at affordable prices. Now we are able to help others just like us, make their house a home and still be able to afford to live in it! 

When choosing furniture, I look for solid well-built wood unique pieces and antiques. Someone else’s “trash” truly can be “reclaimed” into a new home’s treasure!  If you’d like something a little more “custom built”, Chris is the man for the job!  The care we put into our work is what makes our customers come back again and again for more! 


~Chris and Yvonne Johnson


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